Woz Cup 2011 Is At Capacity!

Post date: May 07, 2011 12:52:49 AM

The following message was posted on www.wozcup2011.com (24 April 2011)

Effective immediately the Woz Cup 2011 is no longer accepting NEW TEAM registrations as we have reached capacity. We now have 12 teams registered which officially makes 2011 the largest Woz Cup in history! If your a player and have not registered, you can still register for your team. Remember this notice only applies to new teams, players can still register as long as they are on one of the teams listed below.

Here are the teams that will be playing in the 2011 Woz Challenge Cup

1. Folsom Breakout - California USA

2. Flyin' Fish - Barbados

3. Rum Runners - Barbados

4. Funky Move Turtlles - Germany

5. The Originals - California USA

6. The Polo Bears - California USA

7. Blade Pirates - Germany

8. Blade Gliders - Germany

9. Stockholm Saints - Sweden

10. Junkyard Dogs - California. USA

11. The S'Team - California USA

12. Segway Polo Austria - Austria